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8 Position Rotary Switch – Boost/Traction/Map – ECUMaster, AEM, Haltech, Holley

This 8 position rotary switch can be utilized to control boost levels, traction control settings, map switching, or any other analog input on your standalone ECU. This switch is compatible with any standalone that has analog inputs including ECUMaster EMU, AEM, Haltech, Holley, and many other standalone ECUs. Please refer to your ECU manufacturer’s documentation for specific wiring instructions.

The rotary switch uses a high quality Alps switch, comes with an aluminum knob, and is assembled in the USA!

The wiring is very simple, only requiring a reference voltage input (VIN), Ground (GND), and the output signal (OUT) to an analog input on your ECU . The rotary switch can take up to 24v input voltage, but it is recommended to use a regulated supply like a 5v sensor reference, and not main 12v power connected to the battery/alternator.

The switch includes a washer and nut for mounting behind a panel, however each installation is different, and you may need to add spacers or washers to flush mount it to a panel.

Example output voltages are listed below by input voltage, and rotary switch position.

Position/Vin (volts) 3.3 5 12
1 2.93 4.44 10.67
2 2.57 3.89 9.33
3 2.20 3.33 8.00
4 1.83 2.78 6.67
5 1.47 2.22 5.33
6 1.10 1.67 4.00
7 0.73 1.11 2.67
8 0.37 0.56 1.33


  • VIN – Reference voltage Input (Max. 24v)
  • GND – Ground
  • OUT – Output signal


  • Application: Standalone ECU (ECUMaster EMU, AEM, Haltech, Holley, etc.)
  • Mounting thread: M9x0.75
  • Voltage reference max (Volts): 24.0

Mounting Dimensions (in mm):



Standalone ECU Documentation Links:


If you have any questions about your specific application, feel free to reach out! Contact us