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This controller supports electric power steering pumps from most 2004-2013 Volvo C70, C30, S40, and V50 vehicles.

This controller gives you an easy way to control your Volvo electric power steering pump in your project. Volvo electric power steering pumps are an inexpensive way to add power steering to your race car, rat rod, or other project where a typical power steering pump might not be feasible.

Compared to traditional accessory driven power steering pumps, electro-hydraulic power steering systems have the added benefit of being able to adjust the power steering feel and amount of assist by changing the pump speed.

No longer do you need to compromise with the “75%” power the Volvo electric power steering pumps output without CAN bus. This simple controller has just 5 wires to hook up: power and ground to your existing wiring, and three wires to your Volvo electric power steering pump. Once wired in, pump speed can quickly be adjusted with the turn of a screw.

Click here to check out a video of the EHPS-Micro power steering pump controller in action.

Download wiring diagram and manual here

Features and specifications

  • Simple to set up, no configuration required, ready to go out of the box
  • Just 5 wires to connect
  • Controller circuit board is just 2 inches by 1 inch!
  • Automotive grade SAE J1128 TXL wire
  • Input wiring: red – +12v switched power (ignition switch, etc.), black – battery negative/ground
  • Output wiring to pump: red – +12v output (“on” signal to pump), yellow – CAN high, blue – CAN low
  • Purple/Brown wire is a 120Ω termination resistor across CAN bus, leave this if the controller is connected directly to the pump. You can cut this wire to remove the termination resistor.
  • EHPS pumps require a consistent battery voltage over 12 volts to operate, make sure your battery and alternator are functioning correctly if the controller is not working.
  • Ideal voltage input: 8 – 18v, max limits: 6 – 35v
  • Reverse polarity protection
Weight 1 lbs
Supported pumps

04-13 Volvo C70 C30 S40 V50